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Irish Immersion Weekends in the U.S. (Ep. 40) [Re-run]

Irish Immersion Weekends in the U.S

For those who have some Irish heritage or would like to know more about the Irish culture and language, a trip to Ireland can be like an epiphany. Most times, you just need a little kick in the right way and visiting Ireland can be the spark you need to start learning Irish Gaelic, learning more about your Irish ancestry or immersing yourself in the Irish music & literature.

If you don’t have the money or the time for the above, another way you can get that little boost we’re talking about is to participate at Irish immersion weekends taking place in your country. For example, the U.S. is the place where most immersion weekends take place so there’s a high chance that one is being organised really close to your location.

Thinking that an immersion weekend isn’t enough? Well, as an extra motivation, listen to the rebroadcast of the 40th Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast episode where Eoin talks to Devin Blakenship – the founder and president of the Indiana Celtic Community. Devin did all the above and ended up organising Irish immersion weekends in Indiana. He started with a trip to Ireland then he went to an Irish immersion weekend in Madison, Wisconsin.

Listen to the re-run of the 40th Bitesize Irish Gaelic podcast episode, in the English language and tell us what you think!

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