Have you ever encountered Irish Gaelic unexpectedly?

The blue tram in Montpellier, France, where three girls were speaking about others in Irish Gaelic.

I happened to be sitting beside three girls on a tram in south France, when they started speaking in Irish Gaelic. The girls normally spoke in English, but they switched languages to be able to speak about others on the tram 🙂

What’s your story with seeing or hearing the Irish language unexpectedly?

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3 thoughts on “Have you ever encountered Irish Gaelic unexpectedly?”

  1. The only time I have chatted to someone in my juvenile rated Irish was in Cornwall where I live…a street busker was playing the banjo and as I went by I said to him ‘quit with the Nashville and give me some Irish’ He obliged and later I found out he was from Tipperary and we both had a chat in Irish! In Mid Cornwall! Brilliant!

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