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More Irish Dance Videos with spoken Irish Gaelic from Michigan

If you loved the Irish dance videos in our last blog post, here’s another batch!

We’ve been honored to be chatting with Amanda who teaches Irish dance at the American Dance Academy, and to be able to show her students practicing to speak Irish Gaelic and Irish dancing.

Amanda now provides Irish and Scottish dance products in Michigan. We support Amanda, and thank her for her support to us! Here are her contact details:

Amanda McPherson Atkinson
Atkinson Irish Products
439 Kent Way
White Lake, MI 48383

We hear that the students and their parents enjoyed seeing the last post, and Amanda offered to send more videos:

(Dia dhuit, Eoin = Hello, Eoin.
Is mise Katie = I’m Katie.
Is mise Moira = I’m Moira.
Is mise Hannah = I’m Hannah.)

(Counting to 20:
A haon, a dó, a trí, a ceathair, a cúig, a sé, a seacht, a hocht, a naoi, a deich, a haon déag, a dó dhéag a trí déag a ceathair déag, a cúig déag, a sé déag, a seacht déag, a hocht déag, a naoi déag, a fiche.)

This is an Irish dance that Amanda has taught. Amanda and her students attend feiseanna (festivals or get-togethers), and compete in dance competitions.

(Go raibh maith agat, Eoin = Thank you, Eoin.
Slán! = Bye!)

Go raibh maith agaibhse – Thanks to you! You won’t be able to download these Irish dance videos, but I hope you enjoyed watching. We appreciate Amanda and her students sharing what they’ve been learning. It goes to show that learning to speak Irish doesn’t have to be confined to books. It’s most fun and rewarding when you can incorporate it in to other parts of life.

If you’re a Bitesize Irish Gaelic member, you can access the following related online Irish lessons:

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