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Irish Culture Video – History of the Potato (Prátaí)

Irish Culture Video - History of the Potato (Prátaí)

You may have heard of the Great Famine and how it negatively influenced Ireland’s history. While we’re here to focus on the preservation of the Irish language, we can’t overlook this important event from Ireland’s past.

That’s one of the reasons why we decided to add a new type of video on our YouTube channel – cultural videos. In this week’s Irish culture video, we’re going to talk about the potato (Prátaí).

The following Irish culture video can be watched by Irish speakers and non-Irish speakers (just don’t forget to turn on captions and subtitles on YouTube). Depending on your Irish learning level, you can use the following video to test your skills in the Irish language and let us know in the comments if there are any words you didn’t understand.

Irish Culture Video – History of the Potato (Prátaí)


Of course we welcome any questions you may have on the subject. Just leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about the video.

Did you enjoy the video? What other topics from Ireland’s history would you like to learn more about?

5 thoughts on “Irish Culture Video – History of the Potato (Prátaí)”

  1. Interesting video. I did not know most words at first, but having to look them up has increased my vocabulary. It is good to hear Irish spoken at a normal pace as this helps to recognize what you hear. Short videos on other aspects of Irish culture would be most welcome. GRMA.

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