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Irish Culture Documentary on Inis Meáin (Ep. 33) [Re-run]

Irish Culture Documentary on Inis Meain blog post

If you really have a passion for the Irish language & culture, you will make it a priority to learn Irish Gaelic and visit the Gaeltacht at least once in your lifetime. Don’t feel bad if you can’t afford a trip to Ireland, you can always strengthen your connection to the Irish language by learning it or learning more about Irish culture.

The Gaeltacht isn’t a secluded area where nobody can get it, quite the opposite. Visiting the Irish-speaking areas of Ireland will give you an incredible insight in Irish culture and will give you a chance to practice the language with Irish-speaking locals.

One of our recommendations of places to visit (from the Gaeltacht) is Inis Meáin – a small island off Ireland’s Atlantic west coast. It’s a strong Gaeltacht area, where the Irish language is spoken. Listen to this rebroadcast of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast (Episode 33) and learn more about the beauty of Inis Meáin of the Aran Islands, and its cultural richness. Eoin has a great discussion with Ceri Garfield, the producer of the “Cé hÍ Máire Pháidín?” documentary (which means, “Who Is Máire Pháidín?”) about the strong Irish-speaking community in this area, and the importance of strong characters when preserving a language.

This is a re-run of the 33rd episode of Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast, in the English language.

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