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Irish Grammar is the Easy Part! – Interview with Janine

Grow member, Janine, was a high school history and geography teacher for 32 years and holds a degree in Russian. She worked as a translator in schools around Seattle for many years and, in her retirement, has been learning Irish for over 3 years.

Janine draws on her experience of learning Russian which has been a help to her Irish learning.

‘Russian is similar in many ways. You have genitive, dative and vocative and you’re not surprised when words change their spellings and pronunciations’.

She also talks of the importance of being surrounded by a language to learn it and the challenges she faces with that in regards to Irish.

As part of a cultural exchange, Janine has been taking high school students to Northern Ireland since 2005. She talks about her visit to An Chultúrlann and how she hopes to get the opportunity to visit Oideas Gael in Dún na nGall in the near future.

Go raibh maith agat, Janine, for sharing your story with us!

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6 thoughts on “Irish Grammar is the Easy Part! – Interview with Janine”

  1. Great interview! Thanks Emma and Janine. Janine, I really enjoyed hearing about your process with learning languages. You had great advice for language learners. Thanks for your insights. I enjoy being part of the Bitesize community with you!

  2. Thank you, Janine and Emma! It is fun and helpful to learn how a fellow learner has started learning Gaeilge and her ideas of what is working for her as she progresses. I agreed with Janine’s thoughts on retentions, as I have the same problem (perhaps because I am close in age 🙂). I am also using Duo Lingo, but really appreciate the access to grammar and context that Bitesize affords. Bitesize’s community sense is also a major plus, as Janine pointed out. Good Work!

  3. Great job, Janine and Emma! I really enjoyed your interview! I am so impressed, Janine, with your background in Russian. Words changing spelling and pronunciation was/is probably the most difficult thing for me. Like you, I so appreciate the support and encouragement of the other learners (I seem to remember some kind words from you myself during one of my first Beo calls.) Some of your last words really resonated with me–to appreciate your progress, not compare yourself to others and just enjoy learning the language. Great advice. Maith thú! This is great. You and Emma looked like you were having fun!