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Irish Gaelic Immersion Weekends in 2016

2016 Irish Gaelic Immersion Weekends

Time flies, and there’s not all that much time left in 2016.

That can be a good thing. A challenge for you! The challenge is to find any type of Irish Gaelic teaching within travelling distance of you.

We know of two immersion weekends in the USA that will still take place this year:

That’s not to mention hundreds of Irish language classes world-wide. For example, check out daltai.com for Irish classes in the USA and worldwide, and Gaeilge San Astráil for Australia.

Keep an eye out for immersion weekends for 2017. In Australia, Canberra and Sydney will have them. In the USA, Bloomington, Indiana usually has an immersion weekend. L.A. has its own, as we discussed on our podcast with Ramona Reeves.

What classes or immersion weekends do you know of or attend in your area? Leave a reply below.

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8 thoughts on “Irish Gaelic Immersion Weekends in 2016”

  1. In Ballymena, Co.Antrim there is a bun rang every Thursday and a mean rang every Tuesday. Details are in the local paper: The Ballymena Guardian. There is also an Ard rang that runs on Thursday fortnightly.