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How To Say – “Yesterday” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

What’s the best way to learn Irish Gaelic? It has to be a mix of educational resources, complementary tools, and enthusiasm. If one of these is missing, you’ll have a tough time learning the language, but if you’re a member of our Irish learning community, you’re all set.

You’re excited to be learning Irish Gaelic, the Bitesize online courses provide you with all the educational resources you need, and our complementary tools allow you to immerse yourself in the Irish language.

What’s your next step to learn the Irish language? First of all, sign-up for the free one-month course Irish for beginners. Then use complementary tools such as the Irish Pronunciation Videos and start to immerse yourself in the Irish language. You should start with some easy words. For example, learn how to say “Yesterday” in Irish

How To Say – “Yesterday” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How to say “Yesterday” in Irish Gaelic

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Bhí sé fuar inné.
/Vee shay foor in-yay/
It was cold yesterday

Seo duit nuachtán an lae inné.
/Shuh ditch nookh-tawn on lay in-yay/
Here’s yesterday’s newspaper.
(literally, “This to you newspaper of the day yesterday)

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