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How to say “Why” in Irish Language (Video)

To be able to express yourself in Irish Gaelic, it’s great to build up a vocabulary of questions that you can use when speaking with others. Watch the video above, and here are more notes to help your Irish language learning journey:

cén fáth (Connacht dialect, mostly the north west of Ireland)
/kayn faw/

cad chuige (Ulster dialect, mostly the north parts of Ireland)
/kod hwig-eh/

cad ina thaobh (Munster dialect, mostly the south parts of Ireland)
/kod in-a hawv/

“Why are you happy?”
Cén fáth a bhfuil áthas ort?
/Kayn faw ah will aw-huss urt/
Cad chuige a bhfuil áthas ort?
/Kod hwig-eh ah will aw-huss urt/
Cad ina thaobh a bhfuil áthas ort?
/Kod in-a hawv ah will aw-huss urt/

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5 thoughts on “How to say “Why” in Irish Language (Video)”

  1. It really is helpful how you
    1 start slow (a couple of times)
    2 do the repeat at normal conversational speed
    3 show how it’s written in Irish
    4 do a phonetic pronunciation guide.
    Thank you so much. This is excellent.

    1. Thanks David.

      Just to let you know too, if you’re a Bitesize Irish member, you have access to conversational online lessons that have fast and slow recordings, plus phonetic spellings. The objective is to get your ears used to faster speech, while also giving you a chance to prepare for such conversations.


  2. my name is chris. my father was irish and i take a keen interest in irish gailic. but just learning one word is no use i need to lean a complete speach or sentance.. like hello. my name is chris,, nice to meet you, what is your name, have you got the right time please? hello. where are you going,,,, where have you been.? and finally i love you,do you love me,?.

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