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How To Say – “Whiskey” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Did you know that the word “whiskey” is actually an Anglicisation of the first word in the Gaelic phrase “uisce beatha” meaning “water of life”? This phrase is also a translation of the Latim term “aqua vitae” (describing distilled spirits during the Middle Ages).

Now that you learned a little bit of the phrase’s history, why don’t you use our Irish pronunciation video and learn how to say “Whiskey” in Irish Gaelic?

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As many Irish words, there is more than one way to say “Whiskey” using the Irish language.

How To Say – “Whiskey” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

uisce beatha
/ish-ka ba-ha/
whiskey (water of life)


or /puh-teen/
poteen, homemade whiskey

Did you enjoy this how-to-say Irish language video? Discover our Gaeilge Gach Lá approach to letting the Irish language into your everyday life:

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5 thoughts on “How To Say – “Whiskey” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)”

  1. Your gorgeous lass, a luvly smile and fetching eyes. Would marry you in a heartbeat & love the craic.. ahh but I’m stranded in an uncivilized failed state called “Amurrica”. Sláinte from Cleveland, Ohio~

    1. What does Chinagahoo mean in Gaelic? The spelling is no doubt wrong but my grandfather, who came over from Ireland in 1888, always used that word when referring to whiskey.

      1. Adelaida Fritz

        In Mexican Spanish “Chin gao” it´s an abreviation of “Chingada Madre”, Like “Fuck”. It´s spanish slang.