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How To Say – “War” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

War is a big part of Ireland’s history. Starting in the year 917 with the Viking invasion and up to 1998 with the Dissident Irish Republican campaign, the Irish people have been through a lot of suffering.

There are a lot of internet sources for people who want to learn more about Ireland’s participation in wars, so we’re not going to talk more about it. Instead, we’re going to help you learn a little bit of Irish with the help of our Irish Gaelic pronunciation videos.

Knowing how to say “war” using the Irish language and make sentences with this word will help you at the start of your quest to learn more about Ireland’s history. At the same time, you’ll make a small step towards your goal of learning Irish Gaelic.

How To Say – “War” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How to say “war” in Irish Gaelic

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tá sé ina chogadh
/taw shay in-ah khug-ah/
there’s a war on

Cogadh na Saoirse
/Kug-ah na seer-sha/
The War of Independence

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