How To Say – The “Slender R” Sound in Irish (VIDEO)

The “slender r” sound in Irish Gaelic is a special sound, and an essential part of the language, although it’s not often taught. For that reason, you can give your spoken Irish Gaelic a boost by practicing it.

The sound is often used to indicate you’re talking about plural of things (just like adding “s” to the end of words in English normally to show plural).

In this video, you’ll get to practice pronouncing this sound using the word scútar (scooter).

How To Say – The “Slender R” Sound in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Seo é scútar amháin.
/Shuh ay skoo-ter ah-woyne./
This is one scooter.

Seo iad scútair.
/Shuh eed skoo-tir./
These are scooters.

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