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How To Say The Months of the Year in Irish

It’s time for a bitesized look at how to say the months of the year in Irish.

First we will look at how the name of a given month is pronounced, e.g. ‘January’, and then we will see how the name of that month is pronounced when want to say ‘month of’, e.g. ‘month of January.’

As you will see, in some cases the form of the name of a month can change. This is because the form of the name of the month is in the genitive case (an tuiseal ginideach).

Here we go..


January: Eanáir /An-irr/

month of January: mí Eanáir /mee An-irr/


February: Feabhra /Fyow-ra/

month of February: mí Feabhra /mee fyow-ra/


March: Márta  /Mawr-tha/

month of March: mí an Mhárta /mee un Vawr-tha/


April: Aibreán /Ah-brrawn/

month of April: mí Aibreáin /mee Ah-brraw-in/


May: Bealtaine /Byowl-thin-eh/

month of May: mí na Bealtaine  /me nuh Byowl-thin-eh/


June: Meitheamh /Meh-hev/

month of June: mí an Mheithimh /mee un Veh-hiv/


July: Iúil /Oo-il/

month of July: mí Iúil /mee Oo-il/


August: Lúnasa /Loo-na-suh/

month of August: mí Lúnasa /mee Loo-na-suh/


September: Meán Fómhair /Myawn Fo-ir/

month of september: mí Mheán Fómhair  /mee Vyawn Fo-ir/


October: Deireadh Fómhair /Derr-eh Fo-ir/

month of October: mí Dheireadh Fómhair /mee Yerr-eh Fo-ir/


November: Samhain /Sow-inn/

month of November: mí na Samhna /mee nuh Sow-nah/


December: Nollaig /Null-ig/

month of December: mí na Nollag /mee nuh Null-ug/

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