How To Say – Please in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Being polite shouldn’t be something hard to do, right? But it seems that some people forget to say “please” when asking for something from others. We don’t know why this happened over time, but we’re here to help.

Is it hard to say “please” in your language? Well, if it’s the case, why not learn to say it in Irish Gaelic?

Yes, we’re only kidding but being polite and saying “please” should be strong characteristics of every individual. If you want to learn a “bitesize” of Irish, you can start by learning how to say – please in Irish Gaelic or signing up for a free trial to learn more.

How to say – Please in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How to say please in Irish Gaelic

please (singular)
le do thoil /leh duh huh-el/

please (plural)
le bhur dtoil /leh woor duh-el/

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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4 thoughts on “How To Say – Please in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)”

    1. Hi Dennis,

      Thank you for your question.

      One way of saying “Our day has come” in Irish is “Tá ár lá tagtha.”

      I hope I have answered your question. If you have any other queries, don’t hesitate to ask.

      Le meas,

      1. Michael Golding

        Lol, I know “Tiocfaidh ar la” means ‘our day will come’. Also lmao couple years too late of a response.

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