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How To Say – “Peace” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Learning Irish Gaelic is always easier if your method of study requires you to take small steps. The Irish language can be a bit overwhelming if you’re trying to study too much, too fast.

Here’s where our Irish Pronunciation Videos come to help.

Using video to learn a new language is a great way to improve yourself. We publish weekly Irish pronunciations videos to help you learn specific words and phrases. This week we’re teaching you how to say “Peace” in Irish Gaelic.

How To Say – “Peace” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How to say “peace” in Irish Gaelic

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Tá an tír faoi shíocháin
/Taw an cheer fwee hee-ukh-awn/
The country is at peace.

Another word is often used when speaking of personal peace.

Peace, tranquillity

Tá mé ar mo shuaimhneas.
/Taw may air muh hwev-ness/
I am at peace, at ease.

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2 thoughts on “How To Say – “Peace” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)”

  1. It seems to me that when the word is introduced it it pronounced with an s sound the the beginning but when used in a sentence it sounds like it starts with an h sound. Please explain this to me

    1. The ‘s’ in ‘síochán’ is a ‘sh’ sound as it is a slender ‘s’. This is because it is beside an ‘i’, a slender vowel.
      This tells you more on slender and broad – https://www.bitesize.irish/blog/the-sounds-of-irish-gaelic-part-1/
      The ‘h’ sound you’re hearing is something called lenition. This puts a ‘h’ or lenites / softens the sound.
      Have a look at our post on lenition here https://www.bitesize.irish/blog/irish-gaelic-grammar-101-lenition/

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