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How to say Nativity Scene in Irish

Let’s learn how to say nativity scene in Irish and also the names for figurines commonly found in a nativity scene.

The Irish for nativity scene, or a crib as it’s also known as, is mainséar /mawn-shayr/. Another term for it is beithilín /beh-hel-een/ which comes from Beithil /Beh-hel/, the Irish for Bethlehem.

A figurine is called deilbhín /djel-veen/ and figurines are deilbhíní /djel-vee-nee/.

We have one word in Irish to refer to the Baby Jesus: Íosagán /Ee-sa-gawn/. Mary is called Muire /Mwer-ah/. This is a form of Mary reserved for the Virgin Mary only. Joseph is Seosamh /Show-suf/ or Naomh Seosamh /Nayv Show-suf/, St Joseph. Another version is Iósaf /Yo-suf/.

The shepherds are called na haoirí /na her-ee/. A shepherd is aoire /er-eh/.

The three wise men are called na trí saoithe /nah tree see-ha/, or an triúr saoithe /on troor see-ha/. The word for one wise man in Irish is saoi /see/. They’re also known as na trí ríthe /nah tree ree-ha/, or an triú ríthe /on troor ree-ha/, which literally means the three kings.

The Irish word for angel is aingeal /an-gel/.

There are often animals, ainmhithe /an-ve-ha/, in a crib such as a sheep – caora /kwee-ra/, a donkey – asal /oss-ul/ and an ox – damh /dov/.

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