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How To Say – It’s Raining in Irish (VIDEO)

Thinking of visiting Ireland? You’d better get some sun-cream and… an umbrella. Yes, the Irish weather is unpredictable so that’s why it would be better to prepare before you arrive in Ireland. 

Even if the Sun is shining bright, that doesn’t mean rain clouds aren’t just around the corner. When you’re admiring the landscapes or taking in the fresh air of the Irish countryside, make sure you have an umbrella close by, you know – just in case.

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Yes, we get a lot of rain but that doesn’t mean it should make you stay indoors. Most times, we get rain showers that don’t last too long. This year, when you visit Ireland and why not the Gaeltacht, maybe it’s a good idea to learn how to say “It’s raining” in Irish so you can have something to talk with the townsfolk, while drinking a pint at the local pub and waiting for the rain to pass.

How To Say – It’s Raining in Irish

How to say it’s raining in Irish:

It’s raining

Tá sé ag cur báistí

/Taw shay eh kwur baw-shtee/

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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