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How To Say – “I Have a Cat” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

When people think about getting a pet, they instantly think about choosing between a cat or a dog. Both are great options and it’s always better to adopt rather than buy, but before getting a pet, you should know that this is a “long-term deal” (just like learning Irish). Of course there are some other exotic options (turtles, lizards, snakes even) and there’s no problem in getting such a pet (as long as it’s legal).

When taking a look at the Irish literature, we notice that the custom of keeping pet animals was very general, but Irishmen were taming animals that nobody would think of keeping as pets today: foxes, wolves, badgers, hawks, ravens, crows, sheep and even pigs.

We don’t know what type of pet is better for your lifestyle, but we can help you learn a little bit of Irish by teaching you how to say “I have a cat” (or other pets) in Irish.

How To Say – “I Have a Cat” in Irish Gaelic

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How To Say – “I Have a Cat” in Irish Gaelic

Tá cat agam.
/Taw cot a-gum/
I have a cat.

Tá madra agam.
/Taw mod-ra a-gum/
I have a dog.

Tá teach agam.
/Taw chok a-gum/
I have a house.

Tá deartháir agam.
/Taw dreh-hawr (or /jer-hawr/) a-gum/
I have a brother.

Agam (I have) is a form of “ag” (meaning: at) and can be replaced with “agat” (you have), “aige” (he has), “aici” (she has), “againn” (we have), “agaibh” (you have, plural) and “acu” (they have).

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