How To Say “Hurry up!” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How To Say "Hurry up!" in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Is your friend, husband or wife always late for events? Do you need to always remind them to hurry up because the movie is going to start, or that the Uber is already downstairs? Well, we can’t make them get ready faster, but we have the next best thing.

If they’re Irish speakers or maybe they’ve just started learning the language, the following Irish Pronunciation Video is going to help you let tell them they should hurry up using Irish Gaelic!

Watch the following video and learn how to say “Hurry up!” in Irish Gaelic to one more or more people.

How To Say “Hurry up!” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How To Say “Hurry up!” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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Déan deifir!
/Jayn jeh-fer/
Hurry up! (to one person)

Brostaigh ort!
/Bruss-tee urt/
Hurry up! (to one person)

Déanaigí deifir!
/Jayn-eg-ee jeh-fer/
Hurry up! (to multiple people)

Hurry up! (to multiple people)

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