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How To Say – “How Much Is It?” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Ireland should be a priority travel destination for you. We’re not a travel company, but we do love this country’s amazing landscapes, great people and interesting landmarks. If you add the local cuisine and the good times you’ll have, there’s shouldn’t be any question if you need to visit, or not, Ireland in the near future.

The country has a lot to offer to its tourists, and we always to try to feature at least a small portion of that on our blog and social media pages.

If you’re already visiting Ireland, at one point you will have to buy something, and if you’re in the Gaeltacht, why not practice your Irish language skills? It could be a meal, drinks or souvenirs for your friends and family – it doesn’t really matter, but you’ll need to ask “how much is it?”

Watching the following Irish Gaelic pronunciation video will show you how to ask “How much is it?” using the Irish language

How To Say – “How Much Is It?” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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How to say “How much is it?” in Irish Gaelic

How much is it?
Cé mhéad atá air?
/Kay vayd a-taw er/
Cá mhéad atá air?
/Kaw vayd a-taw er/

How much does it cost?
Cén méid a chosnaíonn sé?
/Kayn mayj ah khuss-nee-un shay?/
Cé mhéad a chosnaíonn sé?
/Kay vayd ah khuss-nee-un shay?/
Cá mhéad a chosnaíonn sé?
/Kaw vayd ah khuss-nee-un shay?/

What price is it?
Cén praghas atá air?
/Kayn pryss a-taw er?/

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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