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How To Say – Hello in Irish (VIDEO)

When you’re travelling to a new country or you meet people from other parts of the World, one of the easiest ways to instantly connect with them is to greet them using their own language.

Yes, English is spoken and understood by a lot of people, but greeting someone new by using their own language shows a higher level of commitment and motivation towards them and their culture.

We don’t know how many Irish people you’ll meet in your lifetime and (sadly) there’s a big chance that they don’t even speak Irish Gaelic, but if you’re visiting the Gaeltacht, meeting people from those areas or just trying to identify yourself with your Irish heritage, learning an Irish greeting will do you only good.

In the following pronunciation video we’ll learn a simple way to greet someone in Irish by saying “Hello” to them and we’ll also find out how to respond when someone else is greeting us in Irish by saying “Hello” to us.

How to Say – Hello in Irish Gaelic (Pronunciation Video)

Dia dhuit!
/Jee-ah ghwitch (throaghty gh)/

Dia is Muire dhuit
/Jee-ah iss Mwir-eh ghwitch/
Hello! (in reply to Dia dhuit)

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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6 thoughts on “How To Say – Hello in Irish (VIDEO)”

  1. Quite a good lesson on basic greetings, but if someone trying to learn pronunciation turns on YouTube auto-generated Closed Captions (CC) the result is pure garbage. Eg ‘garden mary’ for God and Mary. All I say is be very wary of CC interpretations of the spoken voice.

  2. Hi Bitesize Irish Gaelic
    I’ve been following your bites for some months now, and always ducking the commitment to learn. But I have been immensely impressed by your website and the way you run it. The best, in all sincerity, I have ever come across! (And I thooroughly enjoy the young lady who presents the pronunciatons — and does so extremely well.
    Thank you.
    cheers, colin
    PS: in Australia, not America.