How To Say – “Happy Thanksgiving” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Thanksgiving is an important holiday in the U.S., and in other parts of the Word as well. Considering how many of our Bitesize Irish Gaelic community members are from the United States, we wanted to acknowledge this important day by creating a special pronunciation video.

We always wondered how American families with Irish heritage celebrate Thanksgiving? Are there any Irish traditions you mix with Thanksgiving? Or maybe you use the Irish language for some occasion? Please leave a comment below and let us know! Let’s discover together the Thanksgiving traditions of Irish-Americans.

How To Say – “Happy Thanksgiving” in Irish Gaelic

Watching the following pronunciation video will allow you to learn how to say “Happy Thanksgiving” in Irish Gaelic (to one or more people), and to discover the roots of specific words in Irish.

How to say Happy Thanksgiving in Irish Gaelic

Lá an Altaithe
/Law on Awl-tee-ha/
Thanksgiving day

Lá an Altaithe sona duit
/Law on Awl-tee-ha sun-ah ditch/
Happy Thanksgiving (to one person)

Lá an Altaithe sona daoibh
/Law on Awl-tee-ha sun-ah deev/
Happy Thanksgiving (to multiple people)

Lá an Altaithe sona dhuit
/Law on Awl-tee-ha sun-ah ghwitch/

Lá an Altaithe sona dhaoibh
/Law on Awl-tee-ha sun-ah ghweev/

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