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How To Say – “Happy Halloween” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)


How to say “Happy Halloween” in the Irish language.

Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh
/Ee-ha How-na hunna ghweev/

“Daoibh” can also be spelt as it is pronounced, “dhaoibh.”

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

Our modern notion of trick or treating arose from the practice of setting food out in welcome for one’s ancestors on Oíche ShamhnaIn some areas, setting out food had a second purpose…that of appeasing malevolent creatures, who were also freer than usual to roam the world on the night when the veil between the worlds was thin.

Other practices that were common on this night included divination games, such as bobbing for apples…a practice that is still a favorite at many a Halloween party!

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