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How To Say – “Happy 4th of July” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Everyone one knows there’s a special connection between the Irish and the Americans. Of course it has to do with the 33 million Irish-Americans (or people with Irish heritage), but also with the numerous organisations focused on strengthening the relationships between the two countries.

We’re happy to be one of key players who help Irish-Americans to strengthen the connection to their Irish heritage by learning Irish Gaelic.

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We celebrate the connection between the two countries and we’d like to wish everyone in the U.S. a Happy 4th of July!

How To Say – “Happy 4th of July” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How to say Happy 4th of July in Irish Gaelic

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An Ceathrú Lá d’Iúil Sona Duit (to one person)
/On ka-hroo law joo-il sun-a ditch/

An Ceathrú Lá d’Iúil Sona Daoibh (to multiple people)
/On ka-hroo law joo-il sun-a deev/

Also referenced in the video – How to say “Independence Day” in Irish Gaelic.

Did you enjoy this how-to-say Irish language video? Discover our Gaeilge Gach Lá approach to letting the Irish language into your everyday life:

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2 thoughts on “How To Say – “Happy 4th of July” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)”

  1. Bruce McMurray

    HI There,

    Bless you guys and girls there you have all been so helpful. I have been looking for duel medium kiddies story books to help me understand the structuring of the sentences.

    Please could you post something here, or email me a copy to … ibmacman:@gmail.com

    Go raibh mile mar agat.

    Bruce McMurray (SOUTH AFRICA)

    1. Hi Bruce,

      Many thanks for getting in touch!
      I’ll email you now with a little more info.