How To Say – Good Luck in Irish

How to Say - Good Luck in Irish

Just like every aspect of our lives, learning a new language requires a lot of work, a bit of talent and just a little luck to complete the success recipe. If you’re a hard working person on a journey to learn Irish or any other language and you’re looking for some “Good Luck”, you’ve come to the right place.

The pun was intended, of course, since today we’re going to show you how to say “Good Luck” in the Irish language. 

Do you have a friend who is in need of some support before an important task? Saying “Good luck” to him will give a small boost of confidence and it will show him you’re a good friend. So, let’s see how to wish someone Good luck in Irish Gaelic.

How To Say – Good Luck in Irish

Go n-éirí leat!
Good luck!

/Guh nye-ree lyat/

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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