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How To Say – Girl Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

When it comes to baby names, Irish ones are on the top of the parents’ list. Many people know that Irish names have a special meaning to them since each name has its connection to Irish history and heritage. Maybe that’s why parents are always looking for Irish names for their boys and girls.

We started this video series a few weeks ago, and we’re determined to help you out by providing you the most beautiful Irish children names. If you’re going to have a baby boy, check out both of the following videos:

This week, we’ll provide you with the pronunciation of the most beautiful girl names in Irish Gaelic. Just like the boy names, this week we’re publishing the first video so come back next week for the second video!

How To Say – Girl Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) – Part 1

How to say girl names in Irish Gaelic | Part 1

In regards words of Old Irish origin, the English names below are just the nearest equivalents found in English.

Áine | Eng. Anne | Origin: Old Irish
Anna | Eng. Anna | Origin: Biblical/Hebrew
Aingeal | Eng. Angela | Origin: Latin
Aisling | Eng. Reverie | Origin: Modern Irish
Aoife | Eng. Eva | Origin: Old Irish
Aifric | Eng. Africa | Origin: Old Irish

Bríd /Brighid | Eng. Brigid | Origin: Old Irish
Bláthnaid | Eng. Florence | Origin: Old Irish
Béibhinn | Eng. Vivian | Origin: Old Irish
Bairbre | Eng. Barbara | Origin: Greek

Caitríona | Eng. Catherine | Origin: Greek
Cáit | Eng. Kate | Origin: Caitríona
Caitlín | Eng. Kathleen | Origin: Caitríona
Caoimhe | Eng. Keeva | Origin: Old Irish
Clíona / Clíodhna | Eng. Laurence | Origin: Old/Middle Irish

Deirdre | Eng. Deirdre | Origin: Old Irish
Deirbhile | Eng. Dervla | Origin: Old Irish
Doireann | Eng. Dorothy/Dolly | Origin: Old Irish
Damhnait | Eng. Dymphna | Origin: Old Irish

Éadaoin | Eng. Edwina | Origin: Old Irish
Eibhlín | Eng. Eileen/Helen | Origin: Anglo-Norman/Latin
Eilís | Eng. Elizabeth/Isabella| Origin: Hebrew/English
Eithne | Eng. Enya | Origin: Old Irish
Éimhear | Eng. Emer/Eimear | Origin: Old Irish

Fionnuala | Eng. Penelope/Fenella/Finola | Origin: Old Irish

Gormlaith | Eng. Barbara | Origin: Old Irish
Gobnait | Eng. Deborah/Abigail | Origin: Old Irish
Gráinne | Eng. Grace/Gertrude| Origin: Old Irish
Gearóidín | Eng. Geraldine | Origin: Anglo-Norman/English

Íde | Eng. Ita | Origin: Old Irish

Lasairíona | Eng. Lasarina | Origin: Old Irish

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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