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How To Say – Girl Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) – Part 2

The birth of a child should always be a moment of celebration. Just being able to bring another human being to this World and making sure he has the best start in life has to be something that most of us would take pride. This journey isn’t an easy one but knowing what a positive impact you can have on someone’s life is just enough to give you strength, no matter what the challenges are.

Yes, there will be hurdles in the life of your newborn baby. You’ll have to make some tough decisions and make compromises from the day your child is born. One of those decisions is: “What to name the baby?”

We recommend you to choose Irish Gaelic names for your children since they’re full of tradition, have a distinct sound and meaning, and they have that uniqueness feeling, parents are looking for. In this pronunciation video, you’ll find great ideas for Irish Gaelic baby girl names, but we’ve also created other videos for naming your children:

How To Say – Girl Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO) – Part 2

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How to say Irish Gaelic Girl Names | Part 2

In regards words of Old Irish origin, the English names below are just the nearest equivalents found in English.

Máire | Eng. Mary | Origin: Hebrew
Muireann | Eng. Marion | Origin: Old Irish
Méabh | Eng. Maeve | Origin: Old Irish
Maighréad / Mairéad | Eng. Margaret | Origin: Old Irish/Latin

Nóra | Eng. Honora | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Niamh | Eng. Neeve | Origin: Old Irish
Neansaí | Eng. Nancy | Origin: English
Nuala (dim. of Fionnuala) | Eng. Penelope | Origin: Old Irish
Nollaig | Eng. Noelle | Origin: Irish
Neasa | Eng. Nessa | Origin: Old Irish

Órlaith | Eng. Orla | Origin: Old Irish

Peig (dim. of Mairéad)| Eng. Peg | Origin: English
Póilín | Eng. Pauline | Origin: Irish
Pádraigín | Eng. Patricia | Origin: Irish

Róisín | Eng. Rosaleen | Origin: Irish
Réaltán | Eng. Stella | Origin: Modern Irish
Ríonach | Eng. Regina | Origin: Old Irish

Sadhbh | Eng. Sophia | Origin: Old Irish
Sorcha | Eng. Sarah/Clara | Origin: Old Irish
Sibéal | Eng. Elizabeth/Isabella | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Siobhán | Eng. Hannah/Joan | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Sinéad | Eng. Janette/Jane | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Síle | Eng. Sheila/Cecilia | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Seosaimhín | Eng. Josephine | Origin: Anglo-Normanhttps://youtu.be/56t-olUzLNE

Treasa | Eng. Teresa | Origin: Old Irish

Úna | Eng. Oonagh/Anges | Origin: Old Irish

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

Did you enjoy this how-to-say Irish language video? Discover our Gaeilge Gach Lá approach to letting the Irish language into your everyday life:

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