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How To Say – “Friend” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)


You’ll probably know over a thousand people in your lifetime but you’ll really know 3-5 peopleYeah, we’re talking about the number of “real” (if that’s a thing) friends you’ll have in your life. With the development of Social Media in the past decade, you’ll probably get to know over a thousand people (even more for others) but you’ll only have a few close friends.

Do you have Irish friends? We thought to help you showing them how much you value their friendship and also learn a little bit of Irish Gaelic while doing so. In the following Irish Gaelic pronunciation video you will learn how to say “Friend”, “My friend”, and other synonyms using the Irish language.

If you have close friends in Ireland, this is a great way to let them know you care about them and you consider them to be important people in your life.

How To Say – “Friend” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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How to say “Friend” in Irish Gaelic


a chara
/ah khor-ah/
My friend! / Friend! (form of address)

mo chara
/muh khor-ah/
my friend (never used as a form of address)


friend, comrade, pal, mate

comrades (friends, pals, mates)

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