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How To Say – “Fox” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Although Ireland has fewer plant and animal species than Britain or other parts of Europe (because it became an island very shortly after the last Ice Age ~10.000 years ago) you can still take some great photos of wildlife. Ireland’s habitats are diverse and include farmland, broadleaf, mixed forests, coastal environments and more.

What about animals? Well, there are a few dozen animals native to Ireland such as the Irish hare, red deer and pine marten, but also more common ones like the red fox, hedgehog and badger. If you’re planning to visit the coastal areas of Ireland, you’ll also have a chance to see turtles, sharks, whales and dolphins.

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A great way of learning Irish is to get to know the wildlife and to learn how to say the names of various birds and mammals. For example, in today’s ‘bitesize’ lesson we’re going to learn how to say “Fox” using the Irish language.

How To Say – “Fox” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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How to say “Fox” in Irish Gaelic


madra rua
/mod-ra roo-a/

Chonaic mé sionnach inné.
/Hun-ik may shun-ukh in-ya/
I saw a fox yesterday.

Cá bhfuil an madra rua?
/Kaw wil on mod-ra roo-a/
Where is the fox?

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