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How to say Fitness Vocabulary in Irish

Let’s learn some fitness vocabulary. Here are some words you may use when speaking of your home fitness exercises or when going to the gym.

Here are two ways to say workout in Irish: babhta traenála /bow-ta tray-naw-la/ and dreas traenála /drass tray-naw-la/.

Push-up/press-up – brú aníos /broo ah-nee-us/
He did twenty push-ups. – Rinné sé fiche brú aníos. /rin-eh shay fe-ha broo ah-nee-us/

Pull-up – tarraingt suas /tar-ingtch soo-os/
He did twenty pull-ups.  – Rinne sé fiche tarraingt suas.  /rin-eh shay fe-ha tar-ingtch soo-os/

Stretch – síneadh /she-na/
To do Stretches – tú féin a shíneadh (to stretch yourself) /too hayn ah hee-na/

Crunch/sit up – suí aniar /see ah-nee-or/
How many crunches/sit ups can you do? – Cé mhéad suí aniar gur féidir leat a dhéanamh? /Kay vayd see ah-nee-or gur fay-jer lyat ah yayn-na/

Squat – gróigeadh /grow-ig-a/
They did thirty squats. – Rinne siad tríocha gróigeadh. /rin-eh she-ed tree-ukh-a grow-ig-a/

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2 thoughts on “How to say Fitness Vocabulary in Irish”

  1. A Shiobhan, go raibh maith agat. Thank you for this video. I have missed you since Aistear started because it seemed all the attention when to that, while the truth is you have been so lovely in revealing the beauty and poetry of the language. I appreciate you so much and just want to say my learning experience is immeasurably richer with your hand of influence.

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