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How to say Facial Features in Irish

Let’s learn some Irish words for facial features and learn how to pronounce them.

First of all, the most commonly used words for the head are:

ceann /kyow-in/ and cloigeann /klih-gunn/

On the front of our head we have the face, and the two most commonly used Irish words for face are:

aghaidh /eye-igg/ and éadan /aye-ah-dunn/

Are you still with me? Great!

Now let’s name the different parts of the head and face working from the outside inwards.

The Irish word for hair is gruaig /gru-ah-igg/

Curly hair in Irish is gruaig chatach /gru-ah-igg khaw-tukh/.

Behind my hair are my ears – the Irish word for ear is cluas /klue-ah-uhs/. So, I have cluas amháin /klue-ah-uhs ah-vaw-inn/ one ear and cluas eile /klue-ah-uhs eh-ill-leuh/ another ear. The plural form of the word cluas is cluasa /klue-ah-uhs-sa/. So, you could say: seo iad mo chluasa /shuh hee-ad muh kh-lue-ah-uhs-sa/ these are my ears.


The Irish word for chin is smig /smig/.

The Irish word for jaw is giall /gee-ul/.

The Irish word for mouth is béal /bay-eh-ull/.

The term for lips is beola /bee-oh-luh/.

The word for moustache, should you need it, is croiméal /krum-aye-ul/ and the Irish word for beard is féasóg /fay-us-owe-guh/.

The word we use for cheeks is leicne /leh-ik-neh/.

The Irish word for nose is srón /shh-roe-un/.

The word for eye is súil. We have súil amháin one eye and súil eile another eye. The plural form of the word súil is súile. So, you could say: seo hiad mo shúilethese are my eyes.

An eyelid is a caipín súile /kah-peen sue-ill-eh/ or mogall súile /muh-gal sue-ill-eh/

An eyelash is a fabhra /fow-ra/.

The word we use for eyebrow is mala /mah-lah/. And if, like me, you have bushy eyebrows, you might say tá malaí giobacha orm /thaw mah-lee gyuh-bukh-a urr-um/.

And moving up to where we started, we have the forehead – which in Irish is commonly called clár éadain /klaw-urr aye-ah-din/ or clár baithise /klaw-urr bah-ish-uh/.

Sin sin, a chairde – that’s that!

I hope that you found today’s video interesting – I find that the best way to learn a language is to do a little bit each day, so if you‘d like to learn more Irish in this feel free to click on the link below and download our Ten Secrets For Practising Irish Every Day.

Slán go fóill – Bye for now.

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