How To Say – “Decorations” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

Winter holidays are such a great time of the year. We have the opportunity to spend quality time with family & friends, to make people happy through gifts, and to reflect on the past year – making it easier to improve in the new one.

If there’s something we really love about December, that would have to be Christmas. Getting the family together, reconnecting with distant relatives, cooking and eating with the people you care about, and decorating the Christmas tree with the little ones.

Decorating the Christmas tree is somewhat cathartic (at a low level) because it allows you to reflect, remember and better analyse what happened in your life, while creating something beautiful. Children are always happy when they decorate the Christmas tree, so helping them to do this, may very well make you look like a hero to them.

Let’s see how we can add a little bit of the Irish language to the mix. Today, we’re going to learn how to say “decorations” in Irish Gaelic with the help of the following pronunciation video.

How To Say – “Decorations” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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How to say “decorations” in Irish Gaelic


maisiúcháin Nollag
Christmas decorations

Chuir mé na maisiúcháin in airde inné.
/Khwer may na mosh-oo-khaw-in in awr-je in-yay/
I put up the decorations yesterday.

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