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How to say Christmas Vocabulary in Irish

Let’s learn some common words associated with Christmas. I hope you find these words useful this festive season. You might even impress some people by knowing these terms! Watch the video above to hear the words listed below.

  • Christmas decorations
    • maisiúcháin Nollag
    • /mash-oo-khaw-in Null-ug/

  • Nativity scene, crib
    • mainséar
    • /mawn-shayr/
    • beithilín
    • /beh-hel-een/

  • Christmas tree
    • crann Nollag
    • /krawn Null-ug/ or /krown Null-ug/

  • Christmas ornament/bauble
    • maisiúchán
    • /mash-oo-khawn Null-ug/
    • ornáid Nollag  
    • /ur-nawj Null-ug/
  • Candle
    • coinneal
    • /kwin-yel/

  • candles
    • coinnle
    • /kwin-le/

  • Bow
    • bogha
    • /bow-a/

  • Bell
    • clog
    • /klug/

  • little bell
    • cloigín
    • /klug-een/

  • little bells
    • cloigíní
    • /klug-een-ee/

  • Christmas lights
    • soilse Nollag
    • /soyl-sha Null-ug/

  • Christmas card
    • cárta Nollag
    • /kawr-ta Null-ug/
    • cartaí Nollag
    • /kawr-tee Null-ug/ 

  • Holly
    • cuileann
    • /kwil-en/

  • Christmas wreath (same word is used for a garland)
    • fleasc Nollag
    • /flask Null-ug/

  • Gift, present
    • bronntanas
    • /brun-ta-nass/ or /brown-ta-nass/
    • féirín
    • /fay-reen/

  • Gingerbread man
    • fear sinséir
    • /far shin-shayr/

  • Christmas pudding
  • maróg Nollag
  • /mor-ohg Null-ug/

  • Santa’s hat
    • hata Dhaidí na Nollag
    • /hot-a Yad-ee nah Null-ug/
    • hata Nollag
    • /hot-a Null-ug/

  • Snowflake
    • calóg shneachta
    • /kol-ohg hnyokh-ta/

  • Fake snow
    • sneachta bréige
    • /shnokh-ta bray-ga/

Santa Claus – we have a video on the different ways to say Santa Claus in Irish, so check that out here:

Nollaig Shona agus Athbhliain faoi mhaise duit!

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4 thoughts on “How to say Christmas Vocabulary in Irish”

  1. I don’t have a Christmas question, but I do have a grammar question.
    In a vocative case, for the name Christopher, would it be a Christopher, a Críostóir or a Chríostóir? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. A Donna, a chara,
      If the man’s name is Christopher, no need to Gaelicise the name when speaking to him in Irish, so simply “a Christopher” will suffice. As you can see, the vocative particle “a” is added even though the name is not Gaelic and has not been changed in any way.

      If using the name Críostóir, just the séimhiú/lenition (h) is added along with the vocative particle: “a Chríostóir”.

      You can find out more about how to adapt names in the vocative case at this link: https://www.bitesize.irish/blog/irish-vocative/

      Hope that helps!

      Le gach dea-ghuí,

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