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How To Say Boys Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO – Part 2)

Are you interested in using Irish names for your baby? Well, we have to say that’s a great idea! Irish boys and girls names have a lot of tradition to them, they are unique and sound really interesting.

Since there are a lot of great Irish Gaelic baby boys names, we couldn’t decide on just one. That’s why we created a two-part video series in which you can hear the pronunciation of boys names (girls names soon too follow so subscribe to our newsletter!).

In the following video you can listen to Siobhan, our native Irish Gaelic language assistant pronounce each Irish boy name. You can also look at the written pronunciation on screen and below the video. You can watch part 1 of this video series here.

How To Say Boys Names in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO – Part 2)

In regards words of Old Irish origin, the English names below are just the nearest equivalents found in English.

Gearóid | Eng. Garrett, Gerald, Gerard | Origin: Anglo-Norman/Latin
Gréagóir | Eng. Gregory | Origin: Anglo-Norman/Greek

Iarla/Iarlaith/Iarfhlaith | Eng. Jarlath | Origin: Old Irish

Labhrás | Eng. Laurence | Origin: Anglo-Norman/Latin
Lochlainn | Eng. Loughlin| Origin: Middle Irish/Viking
Lorcán | Eng. Lorcan/Laurence | Origin: Old Irish
Lúcás | Eng. Luke | Origin: Hebrew
Liam | Eng. William | Origin: Anglo-Norman/English

Marcas | Eng. Mark | Origin: Hebrew
Máirtín | Eng. Martin | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Maitiú | Eng. Matthew | Origin: English/Hebrew
Muiris | Eng. Maurice | Origin: Old Irish
Mícheál | Eng. Michael | Origin: Anglo-Norman

Nioclás | Eng. Nicholas | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Nollaig | Eng. Noel | Origin: Latin
Niall | Eng. Neil | Origin: Old Irish

Oilibhéar | Eng. Oliver | Origin: English

Pádraig/Páraic | Eng. Patrick | Origin: Old Irish
Peadar | Eng. Peter | Origin: Hebrew
Pól | Eng. Paul | Origin: Latin
Pilib | Eng. Philip | Origin: Hebrew
Piaras | Eng. Pierce | Origin: Anglo-Norman

Ruairí | Eng. Rory/Roderick | Origin: Old Irish
Risteárd | Eng. Richard | Origin: Anglo-Norman

Stiofán | Eng. Stephen | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Síomón | Eng. Simon | Origin: Hebrewhttps://youtu.be/XpzpnzytFl0

Traolach | Eng. Turlough/Terrence | Origin: Old Irish
Tomás | Eng. Thomas | Origin: Anglo-Norman/English
Tadhg | Eng. Timothy | Origin: Old Irish

Prionsias | Eng. Francis | Origin: Latin

Séamas | Eng. James | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Seán | Eng. John | Origin: Anglo-Norman
Seosamh | Eng. Joseph | Origin: Hebrew
Seoirse | Eng. George | Origin: English/Greek
Séarlas | Eng. Charles | Origin: English/Germanic
Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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