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How To Say – “Beautiful” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)


The following Irish language pronunciation video is somewhat related to the “Irish Gaelic endearments” video we made a few months ago. If you give Irish Gaelic a chance, maybe start learning some phrases, you’ll see that it’s quite the beautiful language – some would say it has a melodic pronunciation for displaying one’s love or feelings to others.

That’s something you’ll need to discover on your own. Learning Irish Gaelic can seem like a chore, but after you spend a little time on it, maybe pick-up a Bitesize lesson or two, you’ll see that learning the Irish language isn’t that difficult.

You can use our Irish pronunciation videos if you’re not ready to sign-up for the full learning experience of Bitesize Irish Gaelic. For example, you can use the following video to learn how to say “beautiful” in Irish.

How To Say – “Beautiful” in Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

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How to say beautiful in Irish Gaelic


Is tír álainn í Éire.
/Iss cheer aw-len ee Ay-reh/
Ireland is a beautiful country.

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