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How to Count to 100 in Irish

Learn how to count to a hundred! This topic was requested by one of our Grow members over on Pobal.

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20 fiche /fih-ha/

30 tríocha /tree-khu/ 
     or /trukh-a/ Munster

40 daichead  /da-hed/
      ceathracha /ka-hru-kha/

50 caoga /kway-ga/

60 seasca /shas-ku/

70 seachtó /shokh-toh/

80 ochtó /ukh-toh/

90 nócha /no-kha/ Munster
or /nee-kha/

100 céad /kayd/

21  fiche a haon /fih-ha a hayn/

22  fiche a dó /fih-ha a doh/

33 tríocha a trí /tree-kha a tree/  or /trukha a tree/ Munster

44   daichead a ceathair /da-hed a ka-her/
      ceathracha a ceathair /ka-hru-kha a ka-her/

55  caoga a cúig /kway-ga a koo-ig/

66  seasca a sé /shas-ka a shay/

77  seachtó a seacht /shock-to a shokht/

88  ochtó a hocht /ukh-toh a hukht/

99  nócha a naoi /no-kha a nee/ Munster
or /nee-kha a nee/

Some other forms of the above numbers you might come across:

dhá scór /ghaw skohr/  
forty, 40 (twoscore)

seacht mbliana déag agus trí scór
/shockt mblee-na jayg a-guss tree skohr/
Seventy seven years, 77 years
(seventeen years and threescore)

Did you enjoy this how-to-say Irish language video? Discover our Gaeilge Gach Lá approach to letting the Irish language into your everyday life:

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4 thoughts on “How to Count to 100 in Irish”

  1. Love listening to Siobhan speaking ‘as gaeilge’. I did learn Irish fado and I’m interested in learning again to be able to converse a little. I had intended to take up learning with like minded people in a class now that I’m retired but will have to wait for a bit.