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How To Count In Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

When you start learning a new language, you’re usually starting slowly by going over some of the most used phrases. After that, you move on to some less used but really useful words like how to pronounce numbers, how to count from one to ten, how to tell the time and others.

This week’s Irish pronunciation video is somehow similar to the above phrases. When you embark on the journey of learning Irish Gaelic, these pronunciation videos are a must, if you want to fully understand the language.

In the following video, our lovely Irish language assistant – Siobhan, will teach you how to count in Irish Gaelic. You have the opportunity to learn how to count from one to ten in Irish and how to use those numbers to count things that start with consonants and vowels.

How To Count In Irish Gaelic (VIDEO)

How to count from 1 to 10 in Irish Gaelic

1 – a haon /ah hayn/
2 – a dó /ah doh/
3 – a trí /ah tree/
4 – a ceathair /ah kah-her/
5 – a cúig /ah ku-wig/
6 – a sé /ah shay/
7 – a seacht /ah shokht/
8 – a hocht /ah hukht/
9 – a naoi /ah nee/
10 – a deich /ah jeh/

1. aon asal amháin /ayn oss-ul ah-wawn/
2. dhá asal /ghaw oss-ul/
3. trí asal /tree oss-ul/
4. ceithre asal /keh-rah oss-ul/
5. cúig asal /ku-wig oss-ul/
6. sé asal /shay oss-ul/
7.seacht n-asal /shokht noss-ul/
8.ocht n-asal /ukht noss-ul/
9.naoi n-asal /nee noss-ul/
10.deich n-asal /shokt noss-ul/

1. aon cháca amháin /ayn khaw-kah ah-wawn/
2. dhá cháca /ghaw khaw-kah/
3. trí cháca /tree khaw-kah/
4. ceithre cháca /keh-rah khaw-kah/
5. cúig cháca /ku-wig khaw-kah/
6. sé cháca /shay khaw-kah/
7.seacht gcáca /shokht gaw-kah/
8.ocht gcáca /ukht gaw-kah/
9.naoi gcáca /nee gaw-kah/
10.deich gcáca /shokt gaw-kah/

You can read more about counting in Irish Gaelic here: http://bitesize.irish/blog/counting/

Dia duit! Siobhán here from Bitesize Irish Gaelic. I speak a Connaught dialect.

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