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How to Count from 100 to 1000 in Irish

Learn how to count from a hundred to a thousand! This topic was requested by one of our Grow members over on Pobal.

100 céad /kay-od/

If you know how to count things from one to ten, you’ll find the rest quite familiar:

200 dhá chéad /ghaw khay-od/

The same way you would say dhá chat, two cats, for example.

300 trí chéad /tree khay-od/

400 ceithre chéad /keh-reh khay-od/

500 cúig chéad /koo-ig khay-od/

600 sé chéad /shay khay-od/

700 seacht gcéad /shokht gay-od/

800 ocht gcéad /ukht gay-od/

900 naoi gcéad /nee gay-od/

1000 míle /mee-leh/

101 céad a haon | a hundred and one /kay-od ah hayn/

105 céad a cúig | a hundred and five /kay-od ah koo-ig/

118 céad a hocht déag | a hundred and eighteen /kay-od ah hukht jay-og/

As you have seen, if you know how to count up to 20, you’ll find such numbers as 118 quite easy to form.

When the number is larger than 20, is is said beforehand, for example:

120 céad is fiche | a hundred and twenty /kay-od iss fih-heh/

125 céad is fiche a cúig | a hundred and twenty five /kay-od iss fih-heh ah koo-ig/

140 céad is daichead | a hundred and forty /kay-od iss daw-hed/

201 dhá chéad a haon | two hundred and one /ghaw khay-od ah hayn/

315 trí chéad a cúig déag | three hundred and fifteen /tree khay-od ah koo-ig jay-og/

444 ceithre chéad is daichead a ceathair | four hundred and forty four /keh-reh khay-od iss daw-hed ah kya-hir/

710 seacht gcéad a deich | seven hundred and ten /shockt gay-od ah jeh/ 

999 naoi gcéad is nócha a naoi | nine hundred and ninety nine /nee gay-od iss no-kha ah nee/

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