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Irish History – Medieval Ireland (Ep.22) [Re-run]

Medieval Ireland podcast article

Want to learn a ‘bitesize’ portion of Irish history? You came to the right place. This podcast episode is focused on Medieval Ireland and how the Irish language was transformed during Ireland’s turbulent times.

If you’re going to listen to this podcast episode, you’ll learn how the Dublin city was established, settled and later expanded, but also a lot of interesting things about the Vikings’ arrival. Listening to this rebroadcast of the 22nd Bitesize Irish Gaelic Podcast will also give you a big insight on what was life in Ireland like after the arrival of Normans (and how their society fell apart centuries later).

Most importantly, we’ll learn from Fin Dwyer (Irish History Podcast) how the Irish were very possibly more multilingual than they are today.

Go ahead and listen to the re-run of the Bitesize Irish Gaelic, episode 22, in the English language and let us know what you think.

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