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How To Say – Happy April Fool’s Day in Irish (VIDEO)

Do the Irish celebrate April Fool’s Day? Of course! It’s all fun and games.

Children love April Fool’s Day and make sure they set up the classic pranks – your shoelaces are undone, your slip is showing, your fly is open or there’s dirt on your shirt. If you’re not careful enough you could end up with a “Kick me” or “Kiss me” sign pinned to your back!

Every year, Bitesize Irish Garlic celebrates April Fool’s Day with its community. It’s all fun and games here, as well.

This year we want to help you say “Happy April Fool’s Day” in Irish Gaelic with the help of the above pronunciation video!

Basically, if you want to say “Happy April Fool’s Day” you would say Póg mo Thóin.

Go on. Try it with other Irish speakers!

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Did you enjoy this how-to-say Irish language video? Discover our Gaeilge Gach Lá approach to letting the Irish language into your everyday life:

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17 thoughts on “How To Say – Happy April Fool’s Day in Irish (VIDEO)”

  1. Timothy O'Connor

    For what it’s worth I was proud that I knew Póg mo thóin was not literally April Fool’s Day! I may actually be learning something after all.

    Lá Shona Aibreán amadán

  2. Here in NZ April’s fools was yesterday. Even though this is a crack up I’m not fooled as this is the only Irish I did know before beginning this course!


    That’s Hilarious!!

    Anyway, I am already enrolled in your Enthusiast Plan.

    God Bless,


    1. Hi Cameron,

      Thank you for commenting on the video and for signing-up for the Enthusiast plan.
      We’re innocent pranksters during April Fool’s Day (in good fun of course).

      Glad to see you found it funny!

  4. Pádraig mc nally

    Póg mo thóin, don’t try to say it.
    It’s an April fool joke!
    You will find it written on T-shirts that are sold in Irish gifts shops.
    If you are a déagóir say it if you want to that’s OK.

  5. Bet you’re not saying pog ma thoin at every person who sends you money for your lessons though or are you loving your thoin all the way to the bank!!!

    1. Hi Jane,

      This phrase is often used on April Fool’s Day or when trying to prank someone.
      It’s a harmless prank, in good fun, not meant to offend anyone, but we are sorry if you didn’t like our April Fool’s Day prank.

      We have a tradition at Bitesize in celebrating this day with our community, every year.

  6. Michael MacFaden

    Ha! Ta focal ‘Póg’ as Béarla ‘kiss’, níl sé sin ceart! Lá fhéile amadán shona daoibh?! Bitesize go breá!