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Apology from Bitesize Irish Garlic

Irish Garlic
Home grown Irish Garlic by Tina on Flickr

Limerick, April 1 2016 – Bitesize Irish Garlic would like to apologise to all our customers.

It’s come to our attention that there’s been wide-spread confusion, and it’s our fault.

We’re fine purveyors of bitesized Irish Garlic. Organically grown along the west coast of Ireland. We love exporting Ireland’s finest natural resources straight to your home.

Fresh Irish Garlic by Cristina on Flickr

A customer contacted us asking how to learn Irish Gaelic. We don’t know much about that, but we can tell you everything about Irish Garlic.

It seems our name Bitesize Irish Garlic was easily confused, leading many to think we are purveyors of Ireland’s native tongue.

Drying Garlic
Drying Irish Garlic by Rob Larsen on Flickr

What’s the easiest way to introduce Irish Garlic into your day? On Bitesize clove at a time.

We’re sorry again about this confusion, and feel free to leave your reply below to share your frustration.

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40 thoughts on “Apology from Bitesize Irish Garlic”

  1. Pól Ó Braoin

    Now that I think of it I’m nearly sure I heard this Garlic being spoken. I remember that it had a certain flavour to it… a sort of blas you could say. 🙂