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68 Gaelic Pronunciation Recordings Added

Great news for our Irish language program members. We have re-developed the first lessons of Bitesize Irish Gaelic to offer a better integrated beginners course to the Irish language over the first five lessons.

As part of the improved lessons, we have 68 new Gaelic pronunciations recorded.

If you’ve struggled with Gaelic pronunciation, it is these audio recordings and phonetic guides that should help you.

Members’ Irish Language Lessons

Members who have signed up for our 115+ online lessons can now enjoy:

  1. Lesson: Greetings and introductions 1 (available for free)
  2. Lesson: What’s your name? (members only)
  3. Lesson: Parting company (members only)
  4. Lesson: Your first conversation (members only)
  5. Lesson: Count from 1 to 10 (members only)

We also added pronunciation recordings to two lessons taken from previous blog posts: everyday conversation phrases in Irish, and saying Merry Christmas in Irish.

Tip: Speak and pronounce an Irish nursery rhyme

Lesson: Count from 1 to 10 (members only) now has pronunciation recordings for this lovely little nursery rhyme in Irish Gaelic:

A haon, a dó, muc is bó,
A trí, a ceathair, bróga leathair,
A cúig, a sé, cupán tae,
A seacht, a hocht, seanbhean bhocht,
A naoi, a deich, císte te.

It helps you to learn how to pronounce Irish language words through its rhyming, by speaking aloud. In English, it means:

One, tow, a pig and a cow,
Three, four, leather shoes
Five, six, a cup of tea,
Seven, eight, a poor old lady,
Nine, ten, a hot cake.

It is difficult to learn to pronounce Irish Gaelic words, but you can do it. By practicing speaking the language, learning Gaelic vocabulary, and learning its pronunciation rules, you’ll be nicely on your way.

How to access the 115+ Irish Gaelic lessons

If you didn’t make learning Irish your New Year’s Resolution, now is your chance to jump in.

Join our other Bitesize Irish Gaelic members, and you’ll have immediate access to all of our online lessons, with pronunciation recordings.

And pick up our popular Irish pronunciation cheat sheets.

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