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Free method for building your Irish Gaelic vocabulary on your computer, iPhone or Android

Flashcard for Vocabulary
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Bitesize Irish Gaelic isn’t the only resource you should be using to learn Irish Gaelic vocabulary. We have lots of vocabulary lessons, but you should also be using lots of other resources.

You’ll come across lots of new words. Of course, you can’t memorize each word instantly. Instead of getting overwhelmed, use a flashcard program for spaced repetition.

Flashcards for Learning Irish Gaelic Vocabulary

I’ll tell you about a free program you can use for learning vocabulary, but first let’s clear up what flashcards are.

A physical flashcard is a piece of card. On one side you write a question (like a word in English). On the other side you write the answer (like that word in Irish Gaelic). Now testing is as easy as reading the question, and seeing if you can remember the answer. Continue to repeat testing yourself to better learn the answer.

Spaced Repetition is the Key for Learning Vocabulary

Researchers over the past hundred years and more found a key to learning: you can optimize the frequency at which you test yourself to best learn the item. That’s spaced repetition. When the word is new for you, you should be tested several times a day. But as you get to know it, you don’t have to be tested for another few days, a week, or a month, for example.

By using a flashcards program, it will automatically track exactly which card you should get next.

The Free Program for Your Computer, iPhone and Android

Anki is an open source flashcards program that implements an optimized spaced repetition method.

What I suggest doing:

  1. First sign up with AnkiWeb for free. After creating your account, you can create a new flashcard deck. Call it something like “My Irish Dictionary”.
  2. Download the Anki program for free on your PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone or Android.
  3. When running the Anki program, you will be able to download your “My Irish Dictionary” by giving your AnkiWeb username and password. It will synchronize online between your different devices. Use your PC to revise one day, use your phone the next day!

How do you use flashcards? Any suggestions for others about building Irish Gaelic vocabulary? Leave a reply below!

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3 thoughts on “Free method for building your Irish Gaelic vocabulary on your computer, iPhone or Android”

  1. I use flashcards a bit differently. When learning the proper names of things I write the name on the card and tack that card under the physical object. I also do the same for common phrases that would be used for that physical object. Now everytime I hang up the telephone I am sure to say “Slán!”.

  2. Kelly Netterville

    Flash cards are a HUGE help for me when learning/memorizing any subject (and especially new vocabulary).

    I’ve tried Anki before on just the PC and liked it but missed the ability to just pick up physical cards on the way out the door in the morning.

    However, I’ve never tried using the Android app sync’d to a web account. I’m going to have to try this as, my handwriting is atrocious and I can definitely type out new vocabulary quicker than I can write it out by hand. I may still prefer a hard-copy of my flash cards but this is definitely something for me to experiment with as an alternative.

    Thanks for the tip Eoin!


    1. It works for me with Android, but first I couldn’t figure out why a new deck was not syncing back to their server. I realized there was a setting that I had to mark to get it to sync that deck.