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Free Halloween words in Irish Gaelic

Bitey of Bitesize Irish Gaelic
Bitey, our shamrock monster.

Get back in your cage, Bitey!

We only take Bitey, our shamrock monster, our on very special occasions.

This coming week is the festival of Samhain, or what you may know in English as Halloween.

Indeed, the festival of Halloween comes from Ireland and surrounding areas. It’s the time when we make a real connection with the Other World.

To celebrate Samhain, take our free Halloween Bitesize lesson. It will teach you some scary words in Ireland’s native tongue. Prepare yourself!

2 thoughts on “Free Halloween words in Irish Gaelic”

  1. I really enjoy your Bite-Size Lessons in Irish. It brightens every day that I see them come up in my email. I sometimes find the lessons too-involved, (Medical terms, etc.) However, every lesson, even the too-involved ones are helpful and whet my appetite for more. So, I hope you will keep me on your list so that i can continue my experience, and learning, of the Gaeilge. Slan.

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