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Foghlaim faoi Ghlas: Wednesday Words

This week’s Foghlaim Faoi Ghlas (Lockdown Learning) aims to motivate and revitalise you in your learning journey! We’re looking at some positive stories from our Irish and Me survey responses – people who’ve found motivation to find new ways to learn during this crazy time, and those who have gained a new appreciation for their in-person classes and can’t wait to supplement their online learning with some face-to-face interaction again!

Have a read and see if you can relate to anyone on this list, or can you give them any advice? you can add your experiences to the survey here.

Kathleen, Australia

Kathleen usually attends in-person classes but adds to her in-class learning with online resources like Bitesize Irish. She’s definitely gaining motivation to learn now, but can’t wait to get back to class!

“Yes, I’m more motivated to learn Irish, but not solely online with its huge limitations. Yearning to get back to the “classroom” amongst those who are beginners like myself and those who are more advanced.”

Lyn, Indiana, USA

Lyn is the definition of a self learner! She has incorporated learning Irish into her morning routine, using Bitesize Irish Audio lessons, Youtube and other online resources. She finds solace in her learning during these times of uncertainty!

I feel like it [my connection to Irish] has become stronger. It’s been a part of my morning routine for over a year now. With so much uncertainty the last couple of months, it’s been a constant in my world.

My husband and I are scheduled to travel in October to Ireland, and I’m really hoping it’ll happen. It’s been my motivator for the last two years. If not, I guess it’ll give me time to learn even more before we arrive.

Stay safe!

Terri, UK

Bitesize Irish member Terri has used this time in Lockdown to connect with other Irish learners in the UK!

Face to face of course is better, but lock-down has the advantage of more time for Irish.

I’ve signed up to Irish 202 at DCU through FutureLearn and am really enjoying it!

I’ve also found quite a number of adult learners here in England keen to start learning since the lock-down!

Rose, Nova Scotia, Canada

Rose attended face-to-face lessons prior to the pandemic. Now, she continues online lessons with her teacher and has started using online resources, like Bitesize Irish to help her bridge the gap!

Actually, I find it easier to learn at my own pace and take more lessons as I can!

I have been motivated to learn Irish recently due to hopefully being able to sing the songs I’ve written in Irish.

When I get a bit more money I should love to visit Ireland, the land of my ancestors!

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1 thought on “Foghlaim faoi Ghlas: Wednesday Words”

  1. I just started learning the Irish language. I really love it I love the way it is so fascinating to see into the minds of people by their language. There are three different ways to say goodbye for example one if you’re the one leaving one if you’re the one staying and one if you’re going to long distance. I find things like this fascinating and interesting. I love Ireland of course I think of anyone who is learning Irish does I’m also visually impaired so I am unable to type an Irish which is frustrating. At the place I’m living there are no in person classes that I am aware of but if there ever comes to be one I’d love to be a part of it.