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Foghlaim faoi Ghlas – Motivation

In this week’s Podcast, Eoin encourages you to find the beauty in the language, rather than finding challenges and difficulty.

With this in mind, this week we’re going to look at your answers to the Irish and Me Survey question:

Have you felt more motivated to learn Irish recently? In what way?

I’ve divided answers into a few groups:

  • Irish Connection
  • Cancelled Trips
  • Using Quarantine Productively
  • Self Improvement

Do you fit into any of these groups?

Motivation – What’s helping yours?

Irish Connection

As I learn more about my genetic heritage and ties to Ireland, I feel more motivated.

Eric, Indiana

It’s my wish to go to Ireland. I have deep Irish roots in my family and want to learn more of the language.

Tricia, MD

My desire to learn Irish comes and goes. I always want to learn more, but life and responsibility sometimes gets in the way. With the virus, I have found myself missing Ireland and a good way for me to reconnect is through learning Irish.

David, RI, USA

Yes. The more we get news reports from other countries speaking their native tongue you wish that we could speak ours.

Áine, Co. Carlow, Ireland

I have cousins in Ireland and next time we visit, I’d like to speak to them in Irish.

Deb, Georgia USA

Cancelled Trips

Not being able to return to Dingle as planned has made me more resolved to prepare for when I can finally return.

Seán, Connecticut

Using Quarantine Productively

I have done a bit of soul searching during the quarantine and have decided that learning is something I want to prioritize during this time. I value continued learning not just for my son (who is planning on attending an Irish University in the near future), but for myself as well. I have been going outside a lot more, gardening more, and also enjoying online learning more, lately.

Nancy, Solebury PA

I feel like I can be doing something more productive with my “quarantine time” than tv or movies.

Jen, USA

I think I have felt more motivated to learn Irish because of not being able to do as much in my regular schedule.

Vivian, USA

Perhaps so, because I have more time for myself and I am constantly looking for something to do.

Arianna, Hyvinkää, Finland

Self Improvement

Yes! My success in doing my own work has given me the confidence to keep going.

Tom, Victoria, Australia

I make myself do it everyday. My progression, however slow, is a good motivator.

Cristi, Tennessee, USA

Absolutely. i always feel like I’ve really accomplished something when I can click the “lesson complete” button.

John, VA, USA

The more I learn the more interesting it is.

Polo, Canada

Can you relate?

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the survey so far! You can still contribute to the Irish and Me survey by clicking here

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