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How to Say “Fairy Door” in Irish

The old culture of Ireland had immense respect for the : the fairy people. These days, that culture is often ridiculed, which ignores the wisdom that this encapsulated.

By showing respect to the Sí, those magical people of the earth, we showed respect to nature around us. It made us mindful of leaving tracks behind us. It gave a social responsibility for acting in the interest of the environment around you.

We visited gardens out the Béara peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. This house is said to be inhabited by little people.

Fairy Door in Irish Gaelic

Doras na sióg
/Dur-uss nah she-ohg/
Fairy door

Tá doras na sióg draíochtúil.
/Taw dur-uss nah shee-ohg dree-ukh-tool/
The fairy door is magical.

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