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Do you dream of traveling to Australia, Italy… or Ireland?

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The top dream travel destinations for Americans are:

  1. Australia
  2. Italy
  3. Ireland

That’s according to a recent TripAdvisor survey. They asked 10,000 people.

As beautiful as Australia and Italy are, how could they beat the mesmerizing views of Corca Dhuibhe (the Dingle peninsula), for example?! 😉

So here’s our question to you: what’s your top dream destination? Please leave a reply below.

This is of course an un-biased scientific survey of the Bitesize clan. Let’s see which country wins out 🙂

58 thoughts on “Do you dream of traveling to Australia, Italy… or Ireland?”

  1. My favorite destination, of course, is Ireland. I will be visiting Ireland this year for three months. I have visited in October/November, and again March/April/May, but this will be my first summer trip. I hope to go July/August/Sept. I will be staying mainly in the Galway area, but also plan to spend time in Carlow, Dublin, and possibly Cork. 🙂
    Tentatively, I also hope to go to England and France this year as well.

  2. Australia? Really? I mean, really?

    Okay, I can sort of understand. Australia has some nice bits. The Twelve Apostles. Various parts of Tasmania. The Outback even looks nice in picture.

    Then you remember the snakes, the drop-bears, the drought, the floods, the hurricanes, the spiders, the weather (can no-one understand that over 40* for weeks on end is NOT a good thing?)…

    When I was in the US, we’d tell people where we were from, and they’d be like, “Oh, Oh-stroll-ya? I’ve always warnted to go there! That’s sooo cool! Ossie ossie ossie!” (*cue eyeroll*).

    Okay. Rant over. I love Australia. I live here, don’t I?

    Top destinations:

    (1) Hmm… Scotland. Sorry, Scotland wins out. Larger part of my heritage, I suppose (just). Ireland and Wales come very close in destinations, though. And they’re all near each other, so I’m including them all together. Let’s just say… every expat kid longs to return to wherever their parents came from because they feel like they’re missing out on something. I’d love to do a good long trip of all those areas – Ireland (all of it!), the Islands and Highlands, Wales. It probably won’t happen though.

    (2) Canada. Only got twelve hours there. And it was Vancouver. But I liked it. I’d love to visit Nova Scotia and PEI. Maybe Quebec, if I can get my head around the dialect.

    (3) Hmmm… Not sure. New Zealand? Nice, but I go there a lot. I think Austria. It’d be nice to go back now I can speak the language.

  3. I yearn for extended time on the west coast of Ireland, from Cork up to Dingle. I’m fortunate to visit Ireland frequently, but only for a week at a time. Not nearly long enough.

  4. Personally I think New Zealand is the best travel destination in the world but I would love to take another trip to Ireland in a few years. I have travelled all over Ireland and thought the Ring of Kerry was one of the most beautiful spots ever.

  5. Sure now ,when i die, dona pity me,
    For then at last,, will my soul be free.
    And flying north, over wind and foam,
    to rest at last,, in my IRISH home.

    I know what you mean Christine.
    is mise mehull [Gold coast Australia]

  6. I live in Australia – Tasmania to be exact but my dream destination is Ireland. Hoping to go there next year but I know if I go I won’t want to ever leave.

  7. I would say Poland! There are many thousands of Irish now living, working and married in Poland. Many connecting in Ireland, some marrying, some as friends along with other Irish family members looking for change and opportunity, etc. The Irish mostly live and work in Warsaw to the north, beautiful Krakow in the south and Zakopane, a picturesque ski town near Poland’s southern border and mountains.
    Poles are especially welcoming to the Irish moving and working in Poland. The Poles remember how welcoming the Irish were to them for years when the Celtic Tiger was strong in Ireland. Poland is a true economic miracle, with a GDP that is soaring!
    Poland, has suffered dearly, as Ireland has, and the two countries seem to be looking out for each other… Poland and Ireland have had a history of neighboring countries being awful to them both…
    “When you say your Irish in Poland, you’ll always get a smile:)” also, the Irish Pubs in Krakow and Warsaw said to be fantastic! Slainte!
    Read two helpful articles: 1. In The Irish times weekend review: “Irish Workers Warm to Warsaw,” and “Opportunity is Closer Than you Think: Warsaw.” These explain why so many Irish are heading to Poland… There are even GAA clubs!
    So, Poland gets my vote!
    Go Raibh Maith Agat:)

  8. Ireland is always my first choice. Followed by Alaska and Scotland. Brenna wants to visit Paris- but not until she turns 16 since it’s the ‘City of Love’.

    1. Alaska was my dream destination since 3rd grade when I did a school project on that state. But after I visited Switzerland I didn’t feel the same pull… I’d still love to go to Alaska but it’s no longer at the top of my list.

  9. I live in Italy and dream of Ireland… I’ve been to Ireland for 10 days two years ago but was merely a bite to that succulent apple… I’d go back every year for several months and never have enough of it!

  10. Having been round the world 4 times I have seen some very beautiful
    Sites including Ladies View
    However I know I will always make
    “My final destination Donegal”
    In the words of the Larry Cunningham song

  11. Ireland is first always. I’ve been pretty much all around the sea side but I could certainly use a trip down the middle. Or anywhere else. I don’t really mind repeating.

    After that I would love to see New Zealand.

  12. I’ve been to Ireland and Italy, and I’d go back to either one, happily. England, Scotland and Wales would be fun, too. Or Scandinavia! Australia’s too far away…obviously, though, here i am trying to learn Irish-i guess that says something!

  13. Definitely Ireland! May be corny and trite, but felt a connection and felt at home in Ireland. My family’s ancestral home claimed a piece of my heart. We will be back.

  14. I should like to visit Ireland for an extended visit, rather than the
    stopover I once had at Shannon on may way back from Austria when I was
    a student.

    A few days back in Marburg (where I studied in 67-68) and Salzburg
    (where I studied in 73-74) would be frosting on the cake.

  15. I’ve actually been to all three of the “dream destinations” ! Italy many years ago when I was serving in the military; Australia about seven years ago to visit a friend that lives there and most recently, Ireland about four years ago. I enjoyed all three places immensely but Ireland was, without a doubt, the most enjoyable ! So much so that I have made plans to return for an extended stay come this June 🙂

  16. I have always dreamed of visiting Ireland but more recently have been infatuated with dreaming of Scotland! I can’t stop.

    1. I’ve recently experienced that spark of interest in Scotland as well Rachel. I don’t suppose it was Diana Gabaldon’s series of books that did it for you as they have for me ?

      1. I know the Scottish Highlands certainly became a ‘must’ for me after reading Outlander in 2003ish. And then devouring the other books as they were released…

        1. My wife got me interested in the series last year. Great books ! Lot’s of barbarous “guy stuff” in them to keep those of us belonging to the less delicate gender interested 🙂

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