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Now Learn Irish Gaelic at bitesize.irish


The new URL for Bitesize Irish Gaelic is bitesize.irish.

You’ll still find the same popular program for learning to speak Irish Gaelic in Bitesize portions.

What does this mean for you now?

Most importantly, our emails in the near future will come from the new address info@bitesize.irish .

Please now go to your email inbox (like Gmail), and add info@bitesize.irish to your contacts list.

That will ensure you’ll still receive our news for Irish Gaelic learners.

Don’t worry, all your old bookmarks should still work as normal. Our Bitesize server will automatically bring you to the right address.

Why the URL change?

The new .IRISH “top-level domain” is now available. Read more over at nic.irish. Anyone can search for available domains that end in .IRISH.

The kind folks at .IRISH decided Bitesize Irish Gaelic deserved one of the first available names before release.

Our core mission has always been to break down the Irish language for you into manageable Bitesize pieces.

When trying to tell people where to go, “bitesizeirishgaelic.com” didn’t always just roll off the tongue.

But now when you want to tell your interested friend where to go, just say “bitesize.irish“.

So a website can have “.IRISH” now?

Yes indeed. Websites about Ireland now have a beautiful logical ending to the domain name available to them.

.IRISH launched in 2015. You’ll certainly come across more and more sites with that ending to their URL.


Now is your chance to share our new URL with your friends and family.

You know that uncle who was always curious about you learning the language of your Irish ancestors? Well now is the time to tell him on Twitter and Facebook: go to bitesize.irish to visit Bitesize Irish Gaelic where you can learn to speak Irish Gaelic in Bitesize portions.

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