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Dog Commands in the Irish language

Learn how to speak to your dog, or any other pet you may have in Irish. You may also find some of these phrases useful in everyday conversations with humans. Watch the above video to hear the phrases listed below.

The phrases in the above video and in the list below are available as a printout so you can keep them handy!

Come here!

Gabh i leith!
/Go ee leh/ or /gwil-ye/
Common in Connacht

Tar anseo!
/tar on-shuh/
Common in Munster

Common in Ulster




Faigh é!
/fy ay/ or /fyg ay/

Good boy!

Maith an buachaill!
/mah o’ boo-khel/

Good girl!

Maith an cailín!
/mah o’ kol-een/

Sit (down)!

Suigh (síos)!
/see she-uss/
or /sig she-uss/

Stand (up)!

Seas (suas)!
/shass soo-uss/

Lie (down)!

Luigh (síos)!
/lee she-uss/
or /lig she-uss/



Leave it!

Fág é!
/Fawg ay/

Get down/off!

Síos leat!
/She-uss lyat/

Up you go!

Suas leat!
/Soo-uss lyat/


Sna sála chugam!
/Sna saw-la hug-um/
or /sna saw-la hoom/




Out you go!

Amach leat!
/ah-mokh lyat/

Look (at me)!

Féach orm!
/Faykh ur-um/


Leaba leat!
/lya-ba lyat/

The above phrases are for speaking to one animal or person. Many will vary when speaking to more than one animal or person.

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2 thoughts on “Dog Commands in the Irish language”

  1. Enjoyed this! I’m most interested in Munster dialect.

    Would Munster Irish be likely to be understood in Connacht?


    1. Janine, a chara
      Good question! It absolutely would. There can sometimes be slight differences in some vocabulary but overall there would be no problem with people understanding you in Connacht with another dialect.

      Le beannacht

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